Monday, 2 February 2009

Winter wonderland - Snow in Brighton 2nd Feb 2009

Happy February everyone!

Usually I would only use my blog for my wedding and civil partnership photography, but when it started to snow yesterday I knew I just had to get out there camera in hand. It all started last night I went for a walk through the woods and saw two foxes, the snow made the darkness seem light and I was able to walk around with no torch. It was magical, being the only ones out in the snow, I kept thinking of Narnia
and the beauty of seeing trees with there branches bowing from snow

So I got on my ski clothes and Uggs and put my camera into a black bin liner (I know not exaclty stylish) but it protected the camera well from the snow. I knew I would keep getting it out so no point in putting it in the camera bag.

It was so beautiful out crunching through the snow where others had not set foot. Out walking up hills looking out over the Downs, I just wish I could have walked to Devils Dyke.

The main thing that struck my mind today was how lovely it is to see so many people smiling and saying Hi. The snow has brought a massive glimpse of happiness, which is our birthright, not just for one day but always. (Sorry me trying to be as deep as the snow today!)

It was great when my cat George or chairman Meow as I like to call him decide to go into the garden, he was so delicate trying not to get his paws snowy!

Anyway I hope you enjoy the photos, please comment on them below!

Vanessa xxx