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How to choose your perfect wedding photographer

7 steps to choosing the perfect wedding Photographer for your wedding/ Civil Partnership day

1. Take some time to discuss the photographic style that is important to you both
Ask yourself....
Do you like creative wedding photographs that show that the photographer has the ability to be in the right place at the right time, with a portfolio of photographs that show spontaneous moments perfectly? This is known as reportage or photo journalistic style, it is part of my photographic style.

Some examples of my reportage wedding photos

Photos taken at (left to right - Brighton Sea front, The Buxted Park Hotel, Uckfield, The Brighton Registry office)

This is a great way to have beautiful informal photographs if you are uncomfortable about having your photo taken. I offer a free pre-wedding/ civil partnership photo shoot so that you can feel comfortable in front of the camera.

wedding story book photography
These are stunning photos of the special details of shoes, rings and all other important details. Artistic photographs of details of shoes and rings are also important as mementos of your day. After searching the internet for wedding photography you will have an idea of who you will invite to quote for your wedding / civil partnership day.

For more on wedding photography style click here:-
Some examples of my story book photography

Photos taken at the Runnymede Hotel, a beautiful riverside wedding venue in Surrey

2. Feel at ease with your photographer
Arrange your appointment with wedding photographers either in the comfort of your own home or in a hotel or other place where you feel comfortable.
If you meet a photographer at a wedding fair always arrange to meet them at a later date to gauge the attention that you deserve.
Ensure you feel relaxed with your photographer, when you are comfortable with your photographer it really shows in the photographs. Your photographer will have a rapport with you so that you both genuinely smile, rather than a fake smile produced upon request "say cheese!" You and your guests will have a wonderful experience with a photographer that is pleasureable to be around.

3. Viewing a photographers portfolio
When meeting with a photographer always ask that they bring a couple of complete wedding albums rather than showing you just the best shots of the day.
Have a chat about the style that you like and ensure that it is reflected in their photographs. Look at the photographs and ask yourself if you feel moved by the photos, do you feel that they have captured love and fun in the photos?

Look for a photographer that is genuinely interested in you and your day. A photographer that is passionate about their work will really come across on the day and show in the quality of the photographs produced.

4. Check what's included
Be very clear about what you would like, some photographers have set packages where as other are more flexible. I tend to have packages to give an idea of price but am flexible on timings and listen to exactly what you would like.
Do have in mind what group photos you would like i.e. if you want a special photo of you and your mum and sister's taken, just ask. This can then be added to the list of photographs to be taken on your day.

It's your day so chat about what you would like and the length of time you would like a photographer present. You should be able to choose the length of time that the photographer is with you not the other way round.
5. Ask to see Testimonals
Your chosen photographer should have a multitude of happy clients, always ask to see testimonals. Then you can have piece of mind that the photographer is experienced and you will be happy with the results.
I have many very happy clients, click here for their opinion on their wedding photography:-
6. Arrange a pre wedding photo shoot
The best way of ensuring you will love the results of your wedding photos is to have a pre-wedding photo shoot.
Some photographers like myself will offer this for free when a wedding package is booked. This can take place at the venue that your are having your wedding or civil partnership at, or another location.
This will not only build the relationship between you and your photographer it will mean that you can see how they work prior to making a booking.

You will see the result of the photo session before your wedding and if there are any camera angles or poses that you would rather not have in your wedding/ partnership this is your opportunity to say. I encourage feedback on the photos, to ensure my clients are happy with their wedding photography.

Terri and Bruce - Pre wedding photo shoot, August 2008, the sea front, Brighton
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I will be adding more about pre-wedding photo shoots shortly, so watch this space!
7. A stress free wedding day!
Before your wedding day ask a friend who is good at organising people if they would get people together for group shots. This could be entrusted to an usher, but make sure it is someone that will be able to get your wedding guests together for photographs.
Your photographer can then provide the friend with your agreed list of group photographs. It is best that your photographer does not round up your family and friends as this can sometimes cause you/your guests to feel uncomfortable and even bossed around, which will show in the photographs.

If you would rather I have no problem getting everyone together as I do it in a non bossy way!
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